A Guide to Cycrest MFA Service

Developing strong identity security is an ultimate necessity for every IT organization that cares about its customers. The balance between digital trust and a satisfying user experience shouldn’t be ever compromised. In the IT industry, it is an absolute must. An incomparable approach to this complex issue uses what is commonly named “multi-factor authentication.”, otherwise known as “2 Factor Authentication”.

How Does the Cycrest MFA Service Work?

Having a complex and unique password for each account has become our reality. According to some sources, the average employee has more than 190 different resource accounts active at once. There are many passwords to be managed and remembered. Organization and management of IT systems are at constant risk, due to the fact that IT companies are struggling to tightly control access to all IT resources.

Cycrest MFA Service is a tool that helps you to reduce this frustration, and to prevent your organization from identity theft. It is simple, yet essential - it adds to the traditional username and password login the so-called TOTP (time-based one-time password), a unique token generated by a smartphone or other device. Thanks to this feature, your protection procedure will have another security step.

Using both pieces of information (username-password and TOTP token), you will reduce the risk of losing your identity dramatically. This zero trust security might add an extra step, but, since it’s quite simple, it will help you keep your accounts safe and sound. This is of special importance for those who keep sensitive data, whether it’s business or private. The extra security layer is never a waste of time.

The Benefits of Using Cycrest MFA Service

The greatest benefit of this security strategy is a personal, time-sensitive factor added to the authentication process to help keep you safe, and your information protected. Thanks to this, the password alone is not enough for hackers anymore. Another perk of this feature is that it adds a sense of mindfulness to the login procedure, reminding users of the importance of identity security.

No matter if you are an individual or an enterprise trying to ensure sensitive data, it will help you to raise awareness about this important issue. Furthermore, Cycrest MFA Service will help you to achieve regulatory compliance with various statutes and acts, such as PCI or some other standardized regulation.

Finally, if your organization is using applications such as G Suite and Office 365, or even macOS and Linux systems, Cycrest MFA Service can be of special help.

With Cycrest MFA Service, admins can set up multi-factor authentication across the entire organization, providing their end users with more secure getaways to all of the resources. Using LDAP, RADISU, and SAML protocols, Cycrest MFA Service connects users through the centralized set of credentials. Additionally, as mentioned above, Cycrest MFA Service integrates directly with G Suite, Office 365, macOS, and Linux, so that these accounts are protected directly.

Contact us for more information about Cycrest MFA Service, to explore this feature yourself, and to learn how it works. Security consciousness has never been more important.


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