Are you HIPAA compliant?

At Cycrest, we understand HIPAA can be confusing or even threatening, but as always, we have a way to help. Cycrest has a series of articles in our newsletters with additional tips on being HIPAA compliant to help you make sense of HIPAA.

The bottom line is HIPAA wants four things from you:

  1. To put safeguards in place to protect patient health information.
  2. To reasonably limit uses and sharing to the minimum necessary to accomplish your intended purpose.
  3. To have agreements in place with any service providers that perform covered functions or activities for you. These agreements (BAAs) are to ensure that these service providers (Business Associates) only use and disclose patient health information properly and safeguard it appropriately.
  4. To have procedures in place to limit who can access patient health information, and implement a training program for you and your employees about how to protect your patient health information.

By choosing Cycrest, you're already most of the way there! At Cycrest, we have you and your organization covered by:

  • Only partnering with industry leaders in hardware, software, and security
  • Only using commercial grade antivirus, malware, and e-mail protection
  • Providing data backup & disaster recovery options
  • Using and installing defaults fully compliant with Technical Safeguard standards
  • Staying environmentally friendly with secure media disposal & re-use services
  • Providing hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly monitoring
  • Providing trusted Business Associate Agreements
  • Even providing Security Reminders and Training

Whatever your concern, Cycrest is here for you "Providing Stability and Increased Productivity to Your Organization," all with a "One Call…Total Service" approach.


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