Cycrest Managing the Risk for Remote Workforces in the Post-COVID-19 World

Cycrest is working hard to protect you and your remote workers in today’s COVID environment.(that work?)

Experts claim that remote working will remain common even when the COVID-19 pandemic is over. With this evolving, it may be a good time for your company to consider consulting computer network and business IT support in Spokane.

Kate Lister, president of the Global Workplace Analytics (California-based research and consulting firm), says that working at home during the pandemic was a teaser of how our business lives could look once the vaccine is found. She compares it to the genie got out of the bottle, estimating 25% to 30% of the workforce will be working remotely by the end of 2021.

For remote workers, this is important to note that it doesn’t mean the workers will be working remote the work week, but multiple days. Professionals state that the most effective arrangement for retaining this balance should be the combination of several days at each location (home and office).

As expected, not all employees have the same reactions to remote working. For some of them, especially those with small children, working from home can lead to a sense of isolation, reducing their motivation. For others, a couple of days a week can help to increase productivity, with no distractions and time spent on traveling to and from work.

Several questions occur during the state of a new normal.

Work-related Injuries at Home

One of the first concerns is related to employee injuries occurring at home. Since the “work-related injury” is very broadly defined, it is important to answer some questions. According to the legal website, they are:

  • Was the employer “benefiting from the employee's actions when the injury occurred?"
  • Did the employer "require the employee to engage in the injury-causing activity?"

If the employee carelessly sustained an injury at the workplace, they can make a legitimate claim. Such a principle was reinforced 20 years ago when an employee working from home tripped while walking from a home office to the garage to retrieve some product samples from her car.

Another issue is related to the lacking ergonomically designed furniture, thus developing musculoskeletal problems over time, such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Safety at Home

It is important to review your workers’ compensation policy since such laws vary from one state to the other. Be sure that the employees working remotely have safe conditions at home, just as you do at your office. You should provide financial support if they don’t have the appropriate office furniture.

Lastly, give your workers safety guidelines.

Business Property

The next question is related to the damage or the theft of business-owned property at an employee’s home, especially if its value is significant. Your insurance might not cover your equipment if it’s away from the worksite.

Try to upgrade your insurance property coverage to include the protection in the case of working at home.

Cybercrime Vulnerability

The last significant issue requiring your attention is cybercrime. Once your company fully switches to remote working, it becomes more vulnerable to hacking incidents. Email-threats and endpoint-security gaps are among the most common problems your company can face.

Home-based wireless networks and phishing scams are the main reasons for these threats, because of their lower security level.

You should warn your employees of the following red flags:

  • Strange pop-up ads
  • The new computer software that wasn’t previously installed
  • Losing control of the mouse or keyboards
  • A slowdown in the computer’s operating speed.
  • Then above all, ensure your employee’s home computers have the same security protection and level found on their work computers.

Before this step, you should consider limiting your employees to an encrypted virtual network and ensure you have installed the latest antivirus software on your computer.

However, this checklist of remote working hazards and risk management strategies doesn’t come to an end here. If you expect to profit from working remotely and increase the number of such employees, you should seek advice from the risk management specialist, searching for computer IT support in Spokane. Cycrest is your first choice for minimizing remote working security concern and remote risk mitigation. As an IT company for all your hardware, software, and networking needs, and the true leader in the sector. Cycrest Systems, One Call…Total Service.


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