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At Cycrest, one of our favorite ways to increase productivity and save on your organization’s time is to utilize keyboard shortcuts and tips to optimize personal performance. Be sure to share these with your staff or reach out to Cycrest for training! Some of these may be familiar, but we know there are a few techniques that may surprise even experts. The Shortcuts are listed for PC, and for Mac users, the shortcuts are in parentheses.


  • When scrolling on a webpage, use the spacebar to scroll down and shitft + spacebar to scroll up
  • Having trouble reading text on a page? Enlarge or shrink the page by holding CTRL (Command or ⌘) and the plus (+) or minus (-) key.
  • When filling out online forms, press the Tab key to move to the next box. Use Shift + Tab to move to the previous box.
  • Instead of using your mouse to click and highlight the address bar, press Alt + D (⌘-L). You can also leave off the "http://www." when typing in a web address.
  • As opposed to using your mouse to click search or go, just tap the Enter (Return) key
  • When choosing from a drop-down menu, hit the first letter of your selection until it appears (ex: “O” for Ohio or Oregon)
  • For most websites, click on the logo at the top of the page to return to the homepage of the site.
  • To shorten a long web address, use a site like or which will convert the link to a shorter one


  • Use Google as a calculator! Just type in the equation (Ex: 23*7+15/3=) into the search box and hit Enter for the solution.
  • When doing math on a computer, * is the symbol for “times” and / is the symbol for “divided by”
  • Google is a dictionary and thesaurus all in one! Simply type “define ubiquitous” or “synonym of excited” or “antonym of fast” and hit Enter.
  • Whenever you need something translated, use It can auto-detect the language you are using and you can choose the language to translate it into. If you type in the adress of a webpage, it will translate the entire webpage! Not to mention this is a free service!
  • You can track your flight or your USPS and UPS package! Just type in your flight number or tracking number into the Google search bar, click Enter, and it will show you the status!


  • If you get an email or text message from your financial institution or eBay about a problem with your account, it is likely to be a phony email. These are known as “phishing” scams and are designed to lure you into typing your username, password, and other information so a scammer can have access to it. Be sure to delete the email and avoid clicking on any links or attachments. To find out if it’s a real email, visit the organization's website by manually typing it in to the address bar or giving them a call from the phone number listed on their website.
  • Did you get an email about recent news and want to be sure it’s real before sharing with your friends? is the world’s fact-checker and clearing house for scams and rumors!
  • If there is an underlined blue link in an email message or webpage, you can hover over the link to preview the website before opening it.
  • Is your file so large that you can’t send it through your email? Websites like or can transfer huge files.
  • Did you get a message from someone you know detailing a horror story about being mugged in a faraway city and needing to wire them money immediately for their safety? No need to fear, this is a popular scam! Go ahead and delete it.

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