Need a new phone system? Cycrest can help!

Need a phone system that allows you to work from Home? Need a phone system to allow more flexibility, mobility and growth? Need a phone system to help you save money and offer more features and benefits? Cycrest has you covered....

As there is an even higher demand more and more to work remotely, we wanted to take a moment to share with you that since 2012, Cycrest sells, installs and supports many popular VoIP phone systems

As today phone systems are more tightly integrated with your computer and office network, we wanted to take a moment to share that Cycrest has many options for you.

The new phones systems allow you to simply take your office phone home with you and plug it into your home network and start receiving calls like you are at the office. In addition, you can also use your computer as a phone (soft-phone), or use your current mobile device to take, make and transfer calls all like you are making calls from your office, and from your office number. 

Today's VoIP Phone Systems allow advanced call handling, and feature rich options all with mobility and cost savings. VoIP Phone Systems work your existing computer network and utilize the internet to help save you money. Because many VoIP Systems are Cloud based, they provide backup to your mobile devices in the event of an internet outage so you are covered. 

For many of our Cycrest Clients, we can simply re-allocate the monthly monies you are spending on your phone bill and use those to provide a new technology driven phone system with unlimited long distance. New phones, better technology, more features and benefits and many times, all at a lower cost than you are currently paying. 

Cycrest offers a variety of phone systems: Mitel, Shoretel, Toshiba, Digium, and Cosco VoIP Phone systems to name just a few.

Here are a few reasons people are choosing VoIP phone systems. 

  1. Low Cost-Per-Call
    As part of the name suggests, a VoIP telephone system utilizes the existing Internet connection to make calls. Instead of using telephone lines, all communication data is turned into packets and sent over the company and internet network. With our firewall systems, we configure a "QOS" Quality of Service to ensure your phones receive the bandwidth needed for solid clarity.

  2. Service Mobility
    If your business is on-the-go, VoIP services can be a tremendous benefit to you because they will follow you wherever you go. 

    On a traditional phone system, a line that runs to a home or business is assigned its own phone number, if you are not there, the call goes unanswered.

    With a VoIP phone system, all of this is eliminated. There are no physical limitations. You can work from home, take or make calls from your mobile device, or even your computer. Calls follow you and no one knows you are not calling or taking a call from your office or home. 

  3. Versatility of Features
    Using a VoIP phone system allows you to multi-task with the most tech-savvy devices. Have Voicemails show up in your email, have the call ring to other extensions or numbers if you are on the phone. With VoIP systems you are not restricted to the number of phone lines you have so no busy signals for incoming calls or waiting for a line to make an outbound call.

  4. Simple Conference Calls
    The features just mentioned are not all that's made easy by VoIP. Since all calls use a converged data network instead of dedicated phone lines, creating and participating in conference calls are made much easier.  Not only that, but VoIP services make video conferences much easier as well. Of course, these sorts of conferences are usually special cases, but face-to-face interaction with colleagues and clients, while business personnel are out of the office, is much more manageable with VoIP phone systems. 

  5. Efficient Client Interaction
    In today's global economy, businesses can be located anywhere and people can be too, but staying connected and part of the Team is vital. Even so, with a VoIP service there is no reason to lose the ability to conduct important calls as calls may be received and made from your mobile device which will show your company phone number, not your cell number, on your Client's caller ID.

    In the last few months, you may have noticed that major companies have eliminated voicemail. While this sort of move may not be appropriate for every business, some companies have found that answering voicemails just takes up too much time. In addition, many Customer service issues are created because voicemails can stack up and are not returned. 

    With a VoIP phone system, you can choose where your calls ring and how. For instance, you might select the first few rings to be forwarded to your office. If you don't answer the call, it will then be transmitted to a second or third device, say, a mobile phone or laptop. Quite simply, calls don't need to be missed anymore if they are urgent. 

    With VoIP systems, Faxes can be received and then emailed to multiple parties so you have them waiting for you instantly in your email box. 

  6. Reliable in a Pinch
    A common worry that surfaces about VoIP is the fact that if the internet stops working, so does the ability to make and receive calls. This doesn't have to occur under the right circumstances. The truth is that call-forwarding, like other features in VoIP phone systems, is incredibly flexible. 

The capability to choose where your calls are forwarded, and how, means that you also don't have to lose productivity because of local power outages or weather-related events. If the office phone can't be answered, your mobile device or laptop can. 

Overall, there are many reasons to consider a VoIP phone system, just ask us for details.

Please let us know if you have any questions or would like more information on any of the phone systems we carry, or the features and benefits the newer phone systems offer today.

As technology continues to expand and integrates, the lines between telephone systems and computer networks is now gone allowing us to harness the power of your company's network and bring your telecommunications to a higher level. 

Please ask us for details


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