Need a phone system that enables you to work from home, have more flexibility or mobility, and to help you save money? Cycrest has your back..

As the demand increases for working remotely, Cycrest has been supporting clients through installation, support, and various VoIP systems since 2012. This phone system gives you the power to take your work phone home and answer calls as if you were sitting in the office! Furthermore, you can adapt your computer and your mobile device to answer, dial, or transfer calls from your office number.

Modern VoIP Phone Systems feature advanced call handling and copious options all while keeping you mobile. Your existing computer network and internet is all you need for VoIP Phone Systems, which will save you money. Many VoIP Systems are cloud based and are backed up from any device, which allows you to utilize your mobile device in the event of an internet outage- so you’re always covered.

We work closely with Cycrest Clients so that we can easily re-allocate the monthly cost you spend on your phone bill to supply this new technology with unlimited long distance. New phones and advanced technology means more features and benefits, and oftentimes, all at a lower price than you’re currently paying.

Cycrest offers a variety of popular phone systems such as Toshiba, Shoretel, Mitel, Digium, and Cisco, and more!

Here are a few reasons people are choosing VoIP phone systems

  1. Versatility of Features
    VoIP systems give you the flexibility to manage your phone tasks through the most tech-savy devices. Voicemails can show up in your email, forward a call to another extension or number if you are on the phone, and many more options. With these systems, you aren't restricted by the number of phone lines you have so nobody will run into a busy signal when they call and you’ll never have to wait for a line to open to make an outbound call.
  2. Low Cost-Per-Call
    VoIP telephone systems work through existing internet connections to send and receive calls. All communication data is turned into packets and sent over the company network as opposed to using telephone lines. With Cycrest installed firewall systems, we are able to compose a “QOS” quality of service to support the bandwidth needed for solid clear sound.
  3. Efficient Client Interaction
    You may have noticed that many major companies have eliminated voicemail altogether. Although this move might not be fitting for every organization, many companies have found that going through voicemails isn’t worth the time and effort. Not to mention an unreturned voicemail can result in a very unsatisfactory customer experience.
  4. Simple Conference Calls
    Using dedicated phone lines for conference calls can be a headache, but since VoIP phone systems use a converged data network instead, conference calls are as easy as dialing in with no extra hassle. VoIP systems also allow you to hold smooth, easy to participate, video conferences. Even when colleagues or clients are miles away, face-to-face interactions are manageable and meaningful.
  5. Mobility of Service
    In this on-the-go quick paced business world, VoIP services have the added bonus of following you wherever you go. On traditional phone systems, lines that run to a business or home are assigned its own phone number, and if you aren’t available at the location, the call is left unanswered. There are no physical limitations like that with VoIP phone systems since you receive or send phone calls from home, your mobile device, or even your computer.

    VoIP phone systems give you options so you never have to miss an urgent call. For example you can choose for the first few rings to go to your office, and if left unanswered, the call can be routed to another device such as a cellphone or laptop.

    In addition, faxes can be received and delivered via email to multiple parties so they are waiting for you instantly in your inbox. Talk about convenience!
  6. Reliable in a Pinch
    You never have to worry about calls being lost if the internet stops working when we set your system up under the right circumstances. We can help you set up call-forwarding, which is especially flexible. The ability to decide where calls are forwarded and how means that productivity is never lost due to a local power outage or weather related circumstance. If the office phone is out of service, your mobile device or laptop can be your backup.

There are a variety of reasons to consider switching to a VoIP phone system, let’s chat about how it fits into your business. Please let us know if you would like more information on any of the phone systems we offer, the features, or the benefits and how they can support your organization.

With ever-growing technology, the line between telephone systems and computer networks has been eliminated allowing us to harness the power of the cloud and bringing your telecommunications to a new level.

Please ask us for details.


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