Our Call Process

When you call Cycrest with a problem, we will ask you 4 questions:

  1. Is this affecting one computer or multiple computers?
    If the problem affects more than one computer, it is probably a network issue. By asking this, we can learn very quickly when your network is down. When we know what you're dealing with, we can get our best experts on the problem as quickly as possible without wasting time.
  2. Is this a new or repeating problem?
    Cycrest stays on the job until your problem is fixed. If your issue keeps happening, your case is automatically escalated to higher priority.
  3. Do you prefer remote or onsite service?
    Whether you want the quickest response of remote service or the dedicated resource of an onsite technician, Cycrest will take care of your needs so you do not have to worry.
  4. How urgent is it?
    You set the importance of your situation, not a bureaucratic system. If your printer is jammed and you say it's high priority, Cycrest will be there within the hour. Low, medium, or high urgency, Cycrest meets the expectations you set so you can plan on your IT working and improve productivity.

By asking these 4 questions, Cycrest gets you the fastest resolution to your technical issues to minimize downtime and save you money. That is because Cycrest is dedicated to "Providing Stability and Increased Productivity to your Organization," all with our "One Call...Total Service" approach.


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