Server Selection for Your Organization

When it comes to your server, one size does not fit all. At Cycrest, we'll take the time to understand exactly what your data and company needs are to give you the best price and the best server for your unique situation to save you money and increase stability and productivity to your organization.

Servers are not like other pieces of equipment on your network. With monitors and keyboards, you can order in bulk and get a discount. But your server is the heart of your organization's network. Some companies will supply you with a beefed up workstation and call this a server. Servers have multiple freeways (I-90, I-5, 405, etc.) and high speed data paths to support and supply many users, whereas a workstation has one freeway. All the components needed to access those multi-freeway paths are a must. Then you need someone in your corner to make sure your server is customized to your organization's unique needs.

For example, an organization that has their entire staff using mobile devices to access company files will want a different server unit than a business that prefers to only use wired-in workstations. You wouldn't use a sports car to pull a boat or use a one-ton truck in a drag race. Installing a server unit on your network that's a poor fit will hinder your organization's productivity and cause unnecessary stress on your server's components.

When you choose Cycrest for your technology partner, we take the time to understand exactly what your needs are to equip you with a server that will keep your organization stable with the best possible price. The proper server will increase your network's performance and reliability. With an optimized server unit, you will experience minimum amounts of downtime because the unit can handle your unique demands. And less downtime means more money in your pocket.

When shopping for a server, here are a few ways Cycrest makes sure you get the right one:
· At Cycrest, we try to future proof our Clients as much as possible. As new programs and technology comes out each year, we never really know what is coming down the pipe. But we do know, that our Clients want to be able to use that technology. At Cycrest by putting in higher capacity and faster servers today, it means those Clients will be able to use those programs and Technology down the road….by putting in more than our Clients need today, it allows them to have larger returns on their investments over the years and down the road.

· We now put in 7-8 year solutions as well, so add that to the parts you see 3-4, 4-6 and now have 7-8.

· Optimizing server components to meet system demands

· Deploying server units with end-to-end solutions that are tuned to your specific needs

· Running all servers with latest operating systems and the proper software

· Supporting our servers with remote monitoring and maintenance services

· Providing options for 2-3 year, 4-5 year, or 6-8 solutions that best fit your budget & timeline

· Ensuring you have the expandability to grow
One-size-fits-all solutions, especially when it comes to technology, look easy to budget around and easy to implement.

But it can lead to your organization paying for services it doesn't need or settling for solutions that don't meet all your needs, which always hurts your bottom line. At Cycrest, we bend our plans around your needs to make sure you only pay for what you need. We'll make the implementation easier by doing the work for you and make your organizations budget and security needs our number one goal. Through Servers and Service, Cycrest "Provides Stability and Increased Productivity to your Organization," all with our "One Call…Total Service" approach.


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