Server Selection for Your Organization

There are many variables at play when deciding which server will best suit you. At Cycrest, we want to give you the perfect server to ensure the productivity and stability for your unique organization while giving you the best price possible. which is why we take the time to understand all your data and company needs.

Servers are unique pieces of equipment that act as the bedrock your network. With other types of equipment such as monitors and keyboards, you can order in bulk and get a hefty discount. However, your server is the heart of your organization's network. Other companies will try to supply you with an amplified workstation and play it off as a server. But a workstation has one freeway when a server needs to have multiple (I-90, I-5, 405,etc) and be able to support and supply high speed data paths to a multitude of users. This is why you need someone you can trust to tailor a server for your individualized needs.

To illustrate, a company that uses wired-in desktop workstations to access company files will require a different server unit than an organization that requires their staff to utilize mobile devices. You wouldn’t want to be behind the wheel of a one-ton truck in a drag race or a sports car to pull a boat.You can’t risk your organization's productivity and cause undue stress on your server’s components by installing a server unit that is a poor fit.

Choosing Cycrest as your technology partner, you are guaranteed to be equipped with a server that will keep your organization running smoothly at the best price because we take the time to understand your needs. Having the proper server will increase the performance and reliability of your entire network. Using an optimized server that can handle the needs of your entire organization means money in your pocket because of the minimal downtime.

To acquire the right server, Cycrest looks for a few specific things:

  • Running all servers with the most up-to-date operating systems and proper software
  • Utilizing remote maintenance and monitoring service to support out servers units.
  • Optimizing server components to uphold system demands
  • Giving a variety of options for 2-3 year, 4-5 year, or 6-8 year solutions that work well with your timeline and budget
  • Ensuring the capability of your server to withstand growth

There are many one-size-fits all solutions on the marker that seem convenient, easily implementable and affordable. However, this route can lead to paying for unnecessary services or settling for solutions that don’t meet your needs well, and this always hurts your bottom line. Cycrest bends our plans around your needs so you get exactly what you need and don’t pay for anything extra. Implementation is easy since we do all the work for you and you know that your security and budget needs are out number one goal. Through Servers and Service, Cycrest "Provides Stability and Increased Productivity to your Organization," all with our "One Call...Total Service" approach.


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