Cycrest’s job is to provide a stable network infrastructure that works for you today and grows with you tomorrow. In our service to Spokane and the surrounding communities for over 25 years, Cycrest has developed strong experience in a variety of industries.

Medical & Dental

In today’s practices; privacy, security and reliability are key components to great patient care. Cycrest’s experience with digital and paperless practices is unmatched, allowing providers to focus on quality patient care, not technology problems.

Legal & Accounting

With high demands in running successful Legal and Accounting practices, stable and secure systems allowing remote connectivity and paperless options are a foundation for any Legal and Accounting practice, Cycrest provides these services since 1985.

Construction & Development

Intense environments in the Construction & Development industry are hard on computers. In addition, strong accounting, project management and communication systems are the foundation of these success companies. Cycrest covers these needs since 1985.

Service & Retail

High uptime, stable and fast systems are the foundation for any service and retail organization. Cycrest understands this need and builds solid infrastructures that allow these organizations to operate 24/7 365 days a year.

Manufacturing & Distribution

Today’s ERP/MRP systems, in conjunction with varying environmental stresses and multi-location integrations, Cycrest provides comprehensive systems that allows to operate at high levels with low downtime meaning more profits and efficiency.

Hospitality Industry

Reliable systems allowing multiple property connections, integrated time card systems for payroll/HR management duties and inventory management are foundations of most Hospitality organizations. Cycrest integrates these systems on stable platforms.


With the diverse needs and demands for our Federal, State and Local Government Clients, Cycrest is State of Washington approved and credential preferred vendor for IT Support.

Non-Profit Organizations

Cycrest believes in supporting our community. Discounted services, special considerations and technology grant writing services are offered to our local non-profit organizations that serve Spokane’s diverse population needs.